branding and design for livestreams and new media.

dynamic, professional overlays
Audience interaction & engagement
technical consulting and production

support class lfg, pst.

I design, develop, and help find new solutions for content creation of all shapes and sizes.

Whether your want to increase your subscribers, advertise sponsors, or just showcase your supporters, I will work to make sure that every element in your stream does its job without overwhelming your content.

motion graphics

Grab your audience's attention with a killer intro, educate them with video infographics, or simply polish what you already have with broadcast elements ready to be customized for any situation.

web design

Experience in HTML5/CSS3, JQuery, PHP, and CMS including Wordpress, Drupal, Comicpress, and more.


Working on both the creative and technical side of projects enables me to be useful on a wide variety of jobs, and take on more unique challenges without having to hire a larger team.

  • game development
  • netcasting
  • live productions
  • Wordpress development
  • social media
  • content creation
  • transmedia
  • marketing services

Chris is a designer and maker with over a decade of professional experience, six in the gaming industry. He's served in a variety of creative and technical roles, working individually or on teams of all sizes and budgets to deliver content for games, film, web, and print.

Occasionally, that experience comes in pretty handy.


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Available to help clients ranging from the self-employed to the super-colossal.
Independent Streamers

Lending a hand to gamers working on increasing their subscriber base, diversifying their revenue, or simply working to gain partnership.

Game Developers

Studios are learning the power of being seen on Creating a channel, and looking good doing it, doesn't have to ruin your schedule.

Esports Organizations

Look me up if you want scoreboards, logos, live stats, infographics, or anything that can help communicate with your viewers.

Live Events

It takes a lot to entertain the audience you have in-studio, let me help ease the burden of translating that energy into a livestream that does it justice.

Conferences & Webinars

Production value does wonders for your viewers' confidence in the information you're presenting. Don't miss out on a key opportunity to build your brand.

YouTube channels

Much of what I offer to livestreams translates seamlessly to pre-recorded content, and I can provide designs made to be utilized as reusable templates.

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